Vietnamese for Beginners 3 – Phan Van Giuong [Learning Vietnamese book]


– Title: Vietnamese for foreigners 3 =​ Tiếng Việt cho người nước ngoài 3
Author: Phan Văn Giưỡng

– First published: 1994

Edition: The tenth edition (revised and amended).
Published: Nhà xuất bản Văn Hoá Sài Gòn
Content Types: text
Carrier Types: computer disc
Physical Description: paperback; 123 pages
Subjects: Learn Vietnamese, Study and teaching, Vietnamese language, Textbooks for foreign English speakers
Target Audience: General
Language: English & Vietnamese





Module 1: Vietnamese Dishes

Module 2: Vietnamese New Year’s Festival

Module 3: Main Cities of Vietnam

Module 4: Vietnamese’s Religions

Module 5: Immigration

Module 6: Review & Self-assessment

Module 7: Doing Business

Module 8: Vietnamese People in Australia

Module 9: Vietnamese Women

Module 10: Clothes

Module 11: Youth Problems

Module 12: Review & Self-assessment




Vietnamese for Intermediate 3 is one of a series of Vietnamese teaching materials produced by the Centre of Asia Pacific Studies, Victoria University of Technology. This book is designed for second language learners at tertiary or adult courses who have finished Vietnamese for Beginners 2.

After publishing this series for second language learners in Vietnamese, accompanied with textbooks and cassettes, the Centre for Asia Pacific Studies has received many positive comments which indicated that the materials are suitable for self-learning as well as classroom teacher-student interaction. They are used widely in Australia, overseas and even in Vietnam.

In producing this book, Mr Giuong Van Phan, Project Officer, has carried out a wide range consultation with educations, language teachers and linguists.

This book is designed for the first semester work of the second year Vietnamese as part of any degree in which Vietnamese is a major, a sub-major or an elective subject in the course structure.

The book is accompanied by two audio-cassettes and a workbook. The set of audio-cassettes contains the dialogues and oral practice in the student’s book. The workbook can be used to help the oral practice and to answer the written practice.

We have also produced the Vietnamese Interactive Book 3 which is based on this book. It is a computer assisted instruction which helps students with self-learning.

I am pleased to introduce this package to students, teachers and providers of the Vietnamese language for their convenience and use.

Professor Kee Pookong

Director, Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies


I wish to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the Higher-Education Branch, the Department, Education and Training who administered and funded this project in developing Vietnamese teaching and learning materials.

I would like to thank Professor Paul Clark, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Technology, Professor Stephanie Fahey, Head of the Department of Asian Studies and Languages, and Professor Kee Pookong, Director of the Centre for Asia Pacific Studies for their commitment and support in development of Vietnamese teaching materials for second language learners at tertiary level.

I am very grateful to Dr Deil Shaw and Mr Graham Standfiled for their co-operation in producing the Vietnamese Interactive Book 3.

Many thanks are due to the members of the Reference Group and staff of the Faculty of Arts and Centre for Asia-Pacific for their invaluable assistance and comments.

I would particularly like to express my gratitude to the following staff who took part in producing this book: Mr Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Mr Tran Anh Kiet, Mr Nguyen Binh Tri, Ms Phan Thi Minh Nguyet, Ms Tran Kieu Thu and Ms Nguyen Van Anh.

Phan Van Giuong

Project Officer

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