Vietnamese course for beginners

⚓ Goal:

This course for beginner is carefully designed to help you acquire essential language skills, especially in speaking skills.
Learners get a good understanding of basic grammar, develop a solid foundation in Vietnamese grammar, then be able to start basic communication with natives.
There are 10 practical and useful topics: introduction, shopping, weather, hotel, restaurant.... which are arranged in a systematic order to boost the learners’ confidence day by day.

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Duration: 90 hours
Group Classes
(02 - 05 Students)
Learn at 123VIETNAMESE or student's address
for 6 months (Save $50)




Duration: 90 hours
Private Classes
One on One (01 Student)
Learn at 123VIETNAMESE or student's address
for 6 months (Save $50)

Classes for companies: please call 0963229475 to have the best price.

You can have 01 trial lesson (not free) before making payment for  whole course.
Tuition is non-refundable.
Learning with Korean speaking teachers, the price will be 10% higher.
Learning with Japanese speaking teachers, the price will be 20% higher.

⌛ Schedule of group classes for beginners:

Starting time
Duration Location
Tuition fee
Mar 8 2021 9am - 10:30am/ 2pm - 3:30pm/ 6pm - 7:30pm 30 hours via skype $8.5/ hour Join now
Mar 8 2021 9am - 10:30am/ 2pm - 3:30pm/ 6pm - 7:30pm 60 hours via skype $8.5/ hour Join now

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#3 Vietnamese Tone system

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#5 Name & nationality

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#10 How old are you?

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✎ Student book - Tieng Viet 123

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Students will receive a certificate after passing our exams.
Exam fee:
- 123VIETNAMESE's students: 30 USD
- Other students: 50 USD

Vietnamese language Certificate
✎ Lesson 1: Tên tôi là Peter
- Say “hello” in Vietnamese
- Basic personal pronoun
- Ask for name
- Ask for nationality
Name of countries - Introduce vowels, consonants and tones system
- Distinguish b/m/v
✎ Lesson 2: Tôi là giáo viên
- Ask for profession
- Verb “là”
Name of profession - Distinguish t/ th
- Distinguish đ/ n
✎ Lesson 3: Anh bao nhiêu tuổi?
- Ask for age
- Structure “có…không?”
- Tense marker “đã, đang, sẽ”
Basic nouns of things - Distinguish c/ g/ ng
- g/ gh and ng/ ngh in Vietnamese
✎ Lesson 4: Nhà của anh rất đẹp!
- Demonstrative pronouns
- Demonstrative adjectives
- Possession word “của”
Basic adjectives - Distinguish h/ kh
- Pronunciation of tones
✎ Lesson 5: Cái này bao nhiêu tiền?
- Structure: Cho tôi + verb
- Some words and sentences used in purchase
- Use “bao nhiêu tiền?” in purchase
- List of color
- Some verb go with specific clothes
- Distinguish double vowels uô/ ươ and ua/ ưa
✎ Lesson 6: Bây giờ là mấy giờ?
- Ask and answer about time
- Ask about time of an action
- Adverb of frequency
- A hoặc B
Basic verbs - Distinguish o/ ô/ ơ
- Pronunciation tones
✎ Lesson 7: Hôm nay là ngày bao nhiêu?
- Date, month, year
- Sắp, sẽ
- Bao giờ/ khi nào/ lúc nào
- Distinguish single vowels
- Pronunciation tones
✎ Lesson 8: Anh đã có nhà riêng chưa?
- Structure: đã…chưa?
- Grammar of cũng, vẫn, đều
- Đâu and ở đâu
List word of family - Intial consonants m/ n/ nh/ ng
- Pronunciation of tones ngang/ ngã/ sắc
✎ Lesson 9: Khi rỗi chị thường làm gì?
- Conjuction “nhưng, nên, cho nên”
- Structure: đã…bao giờ chưa?
- Bao lâu rồi, bao lâu nữa, bao lâu
- Adverbs “rất/ quá/ lắm”
- Structure: chỉ…thôi
- Distinguish ay/ au/ ai
- Practice of 6 tones
✎ Lesson 10: Anh đi thẳng đường này
- Structure: từ…đến
- Structure: A cách B bao xa
- Structure: bằng gì?
Structure: … mất bao lâu?
- Name of vehicles
- Name of places
Distinguish the final consonants p/ t/ c(ch)
✎ Lesson 11: Anh có thể nói tiếng Việt được không?
- Group of words expressing ability “được, có thể”
- Structure: tự + verb
- Structure: vừa A vừa B
Name of popular sport words - Pronunciation anh/ ách
- Distinguish final consonants: ng/ c
✎ Lesson 12: Quyển sách ở trên bàn
- Preposition of place
-Structure: có…nào không?
- Group of command words: không được, cấm, đừng
- Distinguish final consonants: n/ m/ ng
- Distinguish the rhymes: ui/ ưi/ uy
✎ Lesson 13: Cho chúng tôi xem thực đơn
- Ordering at restaurant
- Structure: thêm…nữa
- Structure: gì cũng, nào cũng, nơi nào cũng
- Some drinks
- Adjective used to describe the taste of food.
- Sentences in restaurant
- Distinguish the rhymes: ong/ ông and oc/ ôc
- d/ gi/ r in Northern accent
✎ Lesson 14: Hôm nay trời nắng và nóng
- Ask about weather
- Structure: cả A lẫn (và) B
- Comparative adjective
- Kind of weather
- Seasons in the year
- Distinguish the rhymes: ao/ au
- Distinguish the rhymes: âu/ au
✎ Lesson 15: Cho tôi một phòng đơn
- Structure: thế nào…cũng/ thế nào cũng
- Structure: tuy/ mặc dù A nhưng B
- Structure: càng ngày càng/ ngày càng
Booking room - Distinguish the rhymes: uyên, uyết
- Pronunciation: ưu/ ươu
✎ Lesson 16: Hôm nay trông anh có vẻ mệt
- Ask about illness
- Bị/ được
- Structure: sau/ sau khi/ sau đó
- Structure: trước/ trước khi/ trước đó
- List of illness words
- Some sentences in a conversation between doctor and patient
s/ x and ch/ tr in Northern accent

Learner should be at the class in time
Learner need to inform at least 5 hours before if want to cancel a lesson. If not, learner still have to pay tuition fee for that lesson.
Contact us at 0437959475 or 0963229475 for assistance.


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  1. Dear Sir ,

    I am very interested to be able to understand and speak Vietnamese language . I will be here in Vietnam for 3- 4 months but i want to study near the hotel i am staying
    I am staying at Metrople (sofitel Hanoi) . can you let me know if there are centers near here or if i need to hire a tutor from you ?

  2. Sir how many day studying when I speak vietnamese very fast just like vietnamese people , because after learn vietnamese I work at as vietnamese tour guide so plz tell me how many day or month course sufficient for me..

  3. Hi,

    I am interested in your beginner course, yet I’m a little confused at the lesson structure.
    It looks like there are 16 lessons, 63 hours at 1.5hr per lesson. How does this work?
    Please inform me on the breakdown.


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