“Tieng Viet 123” Vietnamese book for beginners

- Textbook title: Tiếng Việt 123
- Level: Beginner
- Author: 123VIETNAMESE's teachers
- Language: English - Vietnamese
- CD Audio: download from https://123vietnamese.com/audio/
- Price: 273.000 vnđ

The number of foreigners living and working  in Vietnam has increased dramatically in recent years. Accordingly, the demand for learning Vietnamese for daily life activities, business, and travel is also growing. Currently there are many books at different levels for learning and teaching Vietnamese to foreigners and most of them meet the minimal requirement and expectations of foreign learners.   In order to help beginners to learn Vietnamese in the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable way, the 123VIETNAMESE Center is pleased to introduce the introductory text “Tieng Viet 123”.

This textbook is designed by a group of enthusiastic and experienced teachers of 123VIETNAMESE from the best universities in Vietnam. It consists of 16 lessons covering essential topics in everyday life such as greetings, shopping, weather, or giving directions. The Vietnamese alphabet, vowels, consonants, and tone system are introduced early in the first lesson.

Each structured lesson is divided into 4 parts: dialog, vocabulary, grammar and phonetics. These key areas introduce and familiarize students with the basic components of Vietnamese.

The revision system after every 5 lessons consolidates the student's knowledge and reinforces vocabulary and sentence structures so that students can further develop language skills.

Through a series of illustrated and lively reading selections "Tieng Viet 123" not only helps the learner acquire the language but also provides opportunities to discover Vietnamese culture and customs.

The 123VIETNAMESE Center hopes that "Tieng Viet 123" will help students learn Vietnamese quickly and conveniently. While the text is the result of a long-term team effort, it may still have some limitations.  Therefore, any further recommendations or suggestions from our readers for the next edition would be highly appreciated.

Lesson 1: Tên tôi là Peter
Lesson 2: Tôi là giáo viên
Lesson 3: Anh bao nhiêu tuổi?
Lesson 4: Nhà của anh rất đẹp!
Lesson 5: Cái này bao nhiêu tiền?
Review 1

Lesson 6: Bây giờ là mấy giờ?
Lesson 7: Hôm nay là ngày bao nhiêu?
Lesson 8: Anh đã có nhà riêng chưa?
Lesson 9: Khi rỗi chị thường làm gì?
Lesson 10: Anh đi thẳng đường này
Review 2

Lesson 11: Anh có thể nói tiếng Việt được không?
Lesson 12: Quyển sách ở trên bàn
Lesson 13: Cho chúng tôi xem thực đơn
Lesson 14: Hôm nay trời nắng và nóng
Lesson 15: Cho tôi một phòng đơn
Lesson 16: Hôm nay trông anh có vẻ mệt
Review 3

Please download file file PDF here or view some images below:

Where to buy this book:
- Book stores in Vietnam: Phương Nam, Fahasa, Cá chép... (Click to the links)
- Shopping online: AmazonLazada.vn, Shopee.vn, Sendo.vn (Click to the links)

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91 Nguyen Chi Thanh Str, Dist 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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