Start learning Vietnamese from begining

Step 1: Get familiar with the alphabet. In the communication process, many foreigners can speak Vietnamese, but they do not know the names of the letters. When necessary, they take the pronunciation of English alphabet instead. From this fact, it is necessary to introduce Vietnamese alphabet to students in the first class.

Step 2: Get familiar with the system tones ( diacritics) and pronunciation. Vietnamese has 6 diacritics. If learners pronounce incorrectly, it is easy to confuse with others. In Vietnamese, you can make new wordsby putting each diacritic into a word.For example, the root “ma” can turn into :

ma = ghost

mà = but

má = cheek / mother (Southern dialect)

mả = grave, tomb

mã = horse

mạ = seedlings 

Step 3: Practice reading and pronunciation. Vietnamese system of vowels and consonants is extremely complex. Pronouncing correctlyof these sounds is a challenge. Beside listen - repeatmethods, students need more guidance, especially explanation from the teacher to differentiate them.

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