4 reasons why Vietnamese learning is not as difficult as you think

Lesson 4: 4 reasons why Vietnamese learning is not as difficult as you think.


1. Vietnamese is a single - formlanguage.

In terms of writing, each word written out separately is a sound. For Vietnamese students, to determine how many words in a sentence or a verse is not difficult. The correspondence between words and sounds makes it easier to learn Vietnamese.

2. In the Vietnamese language activities, since no morphological change, ie they do not require each other in the form of the language as in the air.

For example: “Tôi yêu anh ấy” and “Anh ấy yêu tôi”.The words“tôi”, “anh ấy” are the subjects or the objects are not transformed; verbs do not change according to the forms of the subject. But in English, there must be a change: "I love him" and "He loves me".

3. In Vietnamese, the arrangement of words in a certain order is the primary way to express syntactic relationships.

While the method is mainly composed of the Indo-European language is the additive method: a method of attaching affixes to a root to make a new word. For example, teach + er = teacher; im + = impolite polite method is composed mainly of Vietnamese is a method of grafting and methods take. This is a very easy method of identification. It is possible to combine separated words to create new words. Example: xe + đạp = xe đạp; nhà + cửa = nhà cửa ... take a part of the word to create new words. For example: sạch = sạch sẽ, nhỏ = nho nhỏ, mờ = lờ mờ ...

4. The Vietnamesescript is the recordingword - a kind of the most advanced writingin the world.

Vietnam today is the recording script system based on the Latin alphabet.Script follows the rules of phonetics. It uses a certain number of symbols borrowed from the Latin alphabet system, supplemented with a number of diacritical tones to record the phonemes and Vietnamese tones. It's easy to learn, easy to write and can make learners easy to acquire.

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