Learn Vietnamese with Cathy

This is the story of Tony. Through close situations and  true stories in daily life, Tony can learn Vietnamese quickly, easily and be able to communicate Vietnamese fluently.

Lesson 1: Hello

Hello, goodbye, thank you, how are you...

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Lesson 2: How to order a coffee

Coffee, tea, want, not want, this one ...

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Lesson 3: Airport arriving

Airplane, airport, bag, toilet ...

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Lesson 4: Taxi

Taxi, to go, to arrive, hotel ...

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Lesson 5: Check in hotel

Room, key, to book, passport, name ...

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Lesson 6: Numbers

One, two, three, o'clock, see you ...

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Lesson 7: Breakfast

Good morning, egg, bread, fruit, rice ...

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go shopping

Lesson 8: Go shopping

How much, how many, to try, money, expensive ...

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Lesson 9: Introducing with others

Friend, England, America, Vietnam people ...

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Lesson 10: Have a meet with colleague

Department, team, manager, to work ...

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out to lunch

Lesson 11: Lunch

Lunch, eat, hungry, Vietnamese food...

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Lesson 12: How to order a lunch

Menu, rice, noodle, water...

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Lesson 13: Numbers 11 to 999

Eleven, twelve, twenty, sixty eight...

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Lesson 14: Office

Office, meeting room, manager, computer...

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Lesson 15: Time in Vietnamese

What time, minute, o'clock, 7:10...

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Lesson 16: How to order a dinner

Dinner, beef pho, spring rolls...

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having dinner

Lesson 17: Dinner

Rice, wine, chopstick, bottle...

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day in vietnamese

Lesson 18: Days in Vietnamese

Sunday, monday, tomorrow, yesterday...

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book a trip

Lesson 19: Book a trip

Tour, ticket, book, to depart...

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go to sightseeing

Lesson 20: Go to sightseeing

Travel, tour guide, entrance, exit...

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take a bus

Lesson 21: Take a bus

Bus station, get on, get off, next stop...

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ask for help

Lesson 22: Ask for help

That way, go straight, traffic light, turn right, turn left...

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buy a new phone

Lesson 23: Buy a new phone

Phone, brand, model, sim card...

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going bar

Lesson 24: Going bar

A drink, glass, wine, beer

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Lesson 25: Karaoke

Sing, song, marry, private room...

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Lesson 26: Conference

schedule, understand, report, start...

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Lesson 27: Presentation

Sale, translate, cost, budget...

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Lesson 28: The gym

Swim, sauna, massage, gym...

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Lesson 29: About family

Son, daughter, children, sister, brother...

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Lesson 30: Months

Year, month, january, february ...

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Lesson 31: Weather

Spring, summer, winter, autumn...

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Lesson 32: At the bank

Credit card, exchange rate, withdraw, us dollar...

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Lesson 33: At the market

Shop, cheap, quality, gift...

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Lesson 34: At the post office

Parcel, send, weight, transport by air...

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Lesson 35: Sightseeing

Old city, map, mausoleum...

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Lesson 36: Contract extension

Congratulation, product, company...

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Lesson 37: Lunch coffee

Ham, sandwich, fruit, tea...

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Lesson 38: Apartment search

Rent, hire, location, bedroom...

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Lesson 39: Hotel checking out

Fee, charge, receipt...

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