Adjectives 1

   Vietnamese  English
1  Tính từ Adjective
2  An toàn Safe
3  Bẩn Dirty
4  Bất tiện Inconvenient
5  Bình thường Normal
6  Cạn Shallow
7  Cao Tall/ High
8  Cay Spicy
9  Chậm Slow
10  Chán Boring
11  Chật Tight
12  Chua Sour
13  Cố định Fixed
14  Có tài Talented
15 Đẹp Pretty/ Nice/ Beatiful
16  Đẹp trai Handsome
17  Điên Crazy
18  Dịu dàng Bland
19  Gần Near
20  Gầy Skinny
21  Già Old
22  Giàu Rich
23  Hẹp Narrow
24  Hỏng Broken
25  Keo kiệt Mean
26  Không thành công Unsuccessful


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  1. Thank you for this lessons , I would like to learn vietnames lang. Becouse i live in vnm. now in ho chi minh city for biseness, can you advice me about the beggining to learn 37 lessons or common phrases . I am a new one on this languag, I speak many languages, from that area in asia i speak thai lang. good, I lived there many years.

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