Lesson 8: Go shopping

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Welcome to lesson 8: Go shopping
Hi Tony, what do you want to do today?
Ah, do you want to go shopping?
I need a new suit for work.
Of course, I'd love to go shopping.
I know a big market with large clothes shops.
Ok, let's go
Xin chào
Bạn muốn gì?
Để tôi xem đã.
Let's look around the shop , Tony.
When the shop assistant asked you,
what do you want?,
you said "để tôi xem đã ". What does that mean?
Để tôi xem đã it means "to have a look".
Xem means "to look"
That's interesting.
So by saying "để tôi xem đã"
you told to the assistant you want to look around.
Yes. Here are the shop sections.
Is there anything you like?
Cái này rất tốt.
Yes, that's a nice shirt.
The new word here is "shirt".
Shirt in Vietnamese is "áo sơ mi". "Áo sơ mi".
Áo sơ mi. I'll try it on but I think it is ok.
How would I ask "Can I try it on"?
Tôi có thể thử không it means "can I try it on?"
Có thể is a verb
and it means "may" or "can"
It is using when you want to ask for permission. "Thử" means "to try"
Ok, I'll keep it in my mind.
So "tôi có thể thử không" means "I can try?"
or "can I try it on?". You can go to the assistant and
ask: "Xin lỗi, tôi có thể thử không?".
Xin lỗi means "excuse me".
You can use these words when you need someone attention. "Xin lỗi"
Xin lỗi
Tôi có thể thử không?
This is a bit small.
Medium size usually fits me perfectly
but this one is too small for me.
That's because the Vietnamese size
is a bit smaller than USA and European size.
You might try a larger one. Xin lỗi, Cái này quá bé.
Cái này to.
Cảm ơn.
Here Tony, try this size.
Ok, what did you say there?
I say that this one is too small.
Quá means "too/very"
Bé is word for "small".
quá bé it means "too small"
and I say "Xin lỗi, cái này quá bé". "Xin lỗi" - "excuse me".
Cái này - "this one", "quá bé"- "too small".
So "Xin lỗi, cái này quá bé"
means "excuse me, this one is too small".
And she said "cái này to"
I know "cái này" is for "this one", what does "to" mean?
To means "big". "To"
so she said "cái này to" means "this one is big"
Ok, what do you think?
This size fits perfectly now.
Yes, that shirt looks good.
Bạn muốn áo sơ mi này không?
Xin lỗi, cái này bao nhiêu tiền?
Ba trăm nghìn.
Đắt quá
Hai trăm nghìn.
Tốt. Ok, Tony. Do you want to buy it?
That's a very good price.
Cảm ơn
Cảm ơn. That's a good.
Do you want to teach me what you said?
Bao nhiêu tiền that are "how much?
Bao nhiêu is how many", "tiền" is "money". So "bao nhiêu tiền?" is "how many money?".
This is how to ask how much something cost?
Ok, then she answer "Ba trăm nghìn".
I know "ba" is "three". What does "trăm nghìn" mean?
Trăm means "hundred". "Trăm".
Nghìn means "thousand". So "ba trăm nghìn" means "three hundred thousand"
Then I said "Đắt quá".
Đắt is "expensive".
Đắt and you already know "quá" is "too/very".
Ah, I already know "quá" is "too/very".
So "Đắt quá" is "too expensive".
So then she said "hai trăm nghìn"
which means "two hundred thousand"
Ok I know.
That's a good price.
So I said "tốt" which means "good".
In this case that means I agree with that price.
Ok. Can we bargain with everything in Vietnam?
Yes, in most places we should never accept the first price.
Bargaining is possible in almost market and store.
However, big shopping centers and department stores have a
fixed price and bargaining is not necessary in those places.
I'll have to study more Vietnamese number
if I want to improve my bargaining skill.
Yes, I will teach you those soon.

Vietnamese English
1 Xem To look
2 Áo sơ mi Shirt
3 Có thể May/ can
4 Xin lỗi Excuse me
5 Thử To try
6 Small
7 To Big
8 Quá Too/ very
9 Bao nhiêu? How much/ how many
10 Đắt Expensive
11 Tiền Money
12 Trăm Hundred
13 Nghìn Unit of currency in Vietnam
14 Để mình xem đã To hava a look
15 Tôi có thể thử không? Can I try it on?
16 Cái này quá bé This one is too small
17 Cái này to This one is big
18 Bao nhiêu tiền? How much?/ how many money?
19 Bạn muốn áo sơ mi này không? Do you want this shirt?

Please listen and choose the correct answer:

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  1. That video is good lessons but when 2 persons bargain by Vietnamese if explain more Vietnamese money.this video should say two hundred thousand dong for shirts.

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