Lesson 7: Breakfast

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Welcome to lesson 7: Breakfast
Good morning Tony. Did you sleep ok?
Rất tốt, cảm ơn, còn bạn?
Rất tốt. That's great that you can remember Vietnamese lesson very quick.
Let's go for breakfast.
Xin chào
Có mấy người?
2 người.
The sentence that "Có mấy người?"
ngườiis new word here, it means "people", "người".
So "người", is it ok?
Yes, that's perfect.
Ok, she ask "how many people"?
You answer "hai người" which I know means "two people"
Yes. The waitress tell me "xin chào",
which means "good morning" or "hello"
Yes, I've known that
Xin chào, các bạn muốn cà phê không?
Có, cám ơn.
I know the way to answer the question in Vietnamese.
It's just by using the verb in the question.
Yes. If you want coffee,
To answer "yes" you use "muốn'
and if you don't want, to answer "no" you can use "không muốn"
which means "don't want"
Ok, so the answer is either "muốn" or "không muốn"
Correct. Look.
They have large table with a lot of Vietnamese food.
You can choose whatever you like from the buffet.
Ok. How do you say breakfast?
Bữa sáng is the word for "breakfast".
As you know, "sáng" is "in the morning".
bữa is "a meal".
So "bữa sáng" is "meal in the morning" or "breakfast".
Ok, I think Vietnamese normally have a little in breakfast
but I'd love a large bacons and eggs.
Ah, yes. I'll teach you how to order for what you want for breakfast.
Bacon in Vietnamese is "thịt xông khói"
Ok "thịt xông khói", it's a little difficult but I think I'll remember that.
The word for "egg" is "trứng"
Ok. Uhm, I've just realized that
I don't know the word "and" in Vietnamese.
And is "và".
You are right that is very important word.
So "bacon and eggs" means "thịt xông khói và trứng"
So my order would be "Tôi muốn thịt xông khói và trứng"
Yes, that's how you can ask for bacon and egg.
Good, so what are you going to have?
I want some fruit and rice
I also don't know that words too.
Sure, "hoa quả" means "fruit" and "cơm" means "rice".
Cơm is a very popular food with Vietnamese people.
Ok, let's go to the buffet. I'm so hungry.
Yes, me too.
This is juice, I'll have some glasses of juice for my breakfast.
Juice is "nước ép".
I'll get some bread too. What's the word for "bread"?
Bread is "bánh mỳ".
Yes, the breakfast in the hotel is good.

Vietnamese English
1 Xin chào Good morning/ Hello
2 Yes
3 Không No
4 Muốn Want
5 Không muốn Don’t want
6 Bữa sáng Breakfast
7 Thịt xông khói Bacon
8 Trứng Egg
9 And
10 Hoa quả Fruit
11 Cơm Rice
12 Nước ép Juice
13 Bánh mỳ Bread
14 Người People
15 Có mấy người? How many people?
16 Tôi muốn thịt xông khói và trứng I want bacon and egg

Please listen and choose the correct answer:

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