Lesson 3: Airport arriving

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Welcome to lesson 3 : Airport Arriving
Ok. Here we are in the arrival hall
I need to change the time of my watch to Ha Noi time. Did I get here on time?
“Bạn đến muộn” that means “You are late” “Muộn” it means “late”
Yah, I’m a bit late. The flight would be late. How would I say that?
Máy bay của tôi bị muộn. It meanS “My plane was late.
So “máy bay” means “Airplane”?
Yes, Máy bay. Máy bay also means a machine can fly.
“Bay” means “Fly”, “Máy” means machine. So “Máy bay” means “Fly machine”. This is how we say airplane in vietnamese.
I see. So “Máy bay của tôi” means “My Plane”  and “Bị muộn” means “was late”.
This is how to say my plane was late? What’s about my plane was early?
Máy bay của tôi rất sớm. “Sớm” means “early”
I see. So “Máy bay của tôi rất sớm” it means “My plane was very early”
Perfect. You learn Vietnamese very quickly. There are some words related to airport. For example: “sân bay” – airport.
Sân bay. Yes, I think it ‘s easy to remember Vietnamese words.
Do you have bags?
Yes, they are here. What we call for bag?
The Vietnamese word is “túi”.
So I want to say “I have my bag”, what it is?
Tôi có túi . The new word for you here is “Có”.
Có mean “to have”. Tôi có means “I have”, túi means “Bag”. So Tôi có túi means “I have bag”
oh,for some reasons, if  I want to say “I don’t have bag”. How would I say that?
If you don’t have any bag, you can use “Không” in the sentence.
“Không có” means “Not have”. “Tôi không có túi”, it means “I don’t have any bag” or “I not have bag”
Ok, so “Có” means “have” and “Không có” means “Not have” or “Don’t have”
Yes. ..Do you want to get taxi to the hotel?
Ah, wait a minute. Where is the toilet?
Do you want to ask this in Vietnamese?
Sure, How would I say “Where is””
You can say “Ở đâu”. “Ở đâu” means “Where” or “which place”.
The word for “Toilet” is “Nhà vệ sinh”. The sentence  “Nhà vệ sinh ở đâu?”, it means “The toilet is where” or “Where is the toilet?”.
You can use “ở đâu?” to ask about the place in Vietnamese.
Nhà vệ sinh ở đâu?
The answer for you is “Nhà vệ sinh ở đằng kia” which means “the toilet is over there”
Đằng kia means “that place”, there or over there.
“Nhà vệ sinh ở” means “the toilet is” and “Đằng kia” means “over there”
So I just have to go as direction.
Yes, of couse.
Ok, now let’s get taxi to the hotel.

Vietnamese English
1 Muộn Late
2 Sớm Early
3 Máy bay Airplane
4 Sân bay Airport
5 Túi xách Bag
6 Have
7 Không có Do not have
8 Đằng kia Over there
9 Ở đâu Where is…?
10 Nhà vệ sinh Toilet
11 Bạn đến muộn You are late
12 Máy bay của tôi bị muộn My flight was late
13 Máy bay của tôi rất sớm My plane was very early
14 Tôi có túi xách I have my bags
15 Nhà vệ sinh ở đâu? Where is toilet
16 Nhà vệ sinh ở đằng kia The toilet is over there

Please listen and choose the correct answer:

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