Lesson 2: How to order a coffee

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Welcome to lesson 2: How to order a coffee
Tony, would you like something to drink?
Let’s go to that coffee
Bạn muốn cái gì?
Tôi muốn cafe. Do you want coffee Tony?
No, I’ll have a cup of tea.
Anh ấy không muốn cafe. Anh ấy muốn trà.
Ok. That was difficult. What did you say?
That is: “Bạn muốn cái gì?”
Ah. “Bạn” means “you”, “muốn” means “want”, “cái gì” means “what”
and the sentence “bạn muốn cái gì?” means she is asking “You want what?”.
This also means “what do you want?”
So what did you order?
A coffee. “Coffee” in Vietnamese is “Cà phê”. “Cà phê”
And I said “Tôi muốn cà phê”  means “I want coffee”.
and what did you say for my order?
The girl says that : “Anh ấy muốn cà phê?”. “Anh ấy” means “He”. So she just says “Does he want a coffee?”.
First I answer “Anh ấy không muốn cafe” .The new word here is “không muốn”.
Không means “not”. “Muốn” means “want”.  “Không muốn” means “not want”.
So I say “Anh ấy không muốn cafe” it means “He not wants coffee”. This also means “He doesn’t want coffee”.
Verb here is very simple “muốn” means “want”, “không muốn” means “not want”.
For example “Tôi muốn” – “I want”. “Bạn muốn” – “You want”. “Anh ấy muốn” – “He wants”.
Ah, that’s new for me.
What do you say then?
I say “anh ấy muốn trà”. “Trà” in Vietnamese means “tea”. So “anh ấy muốn trà” means “he wants a tea”.
Ah, I understand. How do I say in the case “I want that one”.
You will say “Tôi muốn cái kia”.”Cái kia” means “that one”.
So If you don’t know what something is called, you can point to it and say “Tôi muốn cái kia”, which means “I want that one”
Tôi muốn cái kia.
When she says “vâng”, it means “sure” or “ok”. When you want “This one” you can say “cái này”. So saying “Tôi muốn cái này” would mean “I want this one”
So “Cái kia” for “That one” and “Cái này” for “This one”
Yes, that is.
So how do I say “My tea is very good”
Trà của tôi rất ngon. As you know “trà” means “tea”. “Của tôi” means “my”. “Trà của tôi” means “my tea”. “Rất” means “very”. “Ngon” means “good”.
So “Trà của tôi rất ngon” means “My tea is very good”
Yes, good.

Vietnamese English
1 Muốn To want
2 Không muốn Do not want/Not want
3 Cái gì? What
4 Anh ấy He
5 Cô ấy She
6 Cà phê Coffee
7 Trà Tea
8 Vâng Sure/ Ok
9 Cái kia That one
10 Cái này This one
11 Của tôi My
12 Bạn muốn cái gì? What do you want?
13 Tôi muốn cà phê I want coffee
14 Anh ấy muốn trà He wants tea
15 Anh ấy muốn cà phê? Does he want coffee?
16 Anh ấy không muốn cà phê He doesn’t want coffee
17 Tôi muốn cái kia I want that one
18 Tôi muốn cài này I want this one
19 Trà của tôi rất ngon My tea is very good

Please listen and choose the correct answer:

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  1. I love to tearn 123Vietnamese so much . Because each teacher had enough experience in teaching English Vietnamese for a long year ago.

  2. Hello Cathy,

    I loved this one! Ordering coffee is an essential task for me and I am happy that I have learned to do so.
    Your lessons are very well done. Thank you very much. I intend to study every tiny bit of it.

    Great advertisement for your language school.



  3. The dialogues was complicated.having 3 characters but don’t see more 3 persons said in the dialogues.for difficult for listening.

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