Lesson 10: Have a meet with colleague

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Welcome to Lesson 10: Have a meet with colleague
Wao, It's a very impressive building.
Hi Cathy. Xin chào. Lâu quá không gặp.
Hi Alex, xin chào.
Tony, let's me introduce you this is my colleague, Alex.
He is from our Marketing department.
He also works in our team.
Alex, this is Tony.
Tony just includes in our European office a couple days ago.
Today he is here to help us work out project.
Xin chào, tôi là Alex.
Xin chào
Tôi làm ở phòng Marketing.
Đây là danh thiếp của tôi.
Cảm ơn.
Ah, my apologize
I never ask if you can speak Vietnamese?
I can speak a little Vietnamese.
Great. How do you know it?
Do you remember last summer,
when I was working in London office for 2 months?
Tony was in there at the same time too.
Ok, I remember it exactly.
Have you ever met Jack yet?
No, who is Jack?
He's the project manager.
I am planning meet him this week.
I have to go.
It's nice to meet you Tony. See you Cathy.
Cathy, teach me what Alex said in Vietnamese.
Sure. First he said "Lâu quá không gặp",
which means "long time no see"
lâu here means "for a long time".
quá its mean is "too/very".
Uhm, so "lâu quá" means "very long time"
You already know "không" means "not"
and "gặp" means "to see". So this means "no see". "Không gặp".
Ok, so "lâu quá không gặp"
means "long time no see", ok?
Exactly. It's a very common way
to great somebody that we haven't seen for a while.
So "lâu quá không gặp" means "long time no see".
ok, I guest that's something I have to remember.
Không gặp means "not see".
Alex also said that "tôi là Alex"
this means "I am Alex".
So when I meet people I can say "Tôi là Tony"
Alex said "Tôi làm ở phòng marketing"
which means "I work at marketing department".
You already know "ở" which means "to be at"
when talking about places.
Here he said "tôi làm ở" means "I work at".
'Marketing' is the same and also has the same meaning as in English,
phòng which means "department".
Làm means "to work".
I know that's going to be your favourite word since you are a hard worker.
So if I put it all together,
Tôi làm ở phòng marketing
He gave me his business card
then he said "Đây là danh thiếp của tôi"
I know "Đây là...của tôi" means "This is ...my"
So the only new word for you here is "danh thiếp"
It's no need to tell me.
I figured it out by myself
Danh thiếp means "business card".
You are starting to learn Vietnamese without me now.
It's very common for people to exchange business cards
when they meet at the first time.
Having good contact is a key to do business in Vietnam.
Oh, I should make some business cards for myself.
But is Alex real name?
It doesn't sound very Vietnamese.
Of course not.
But it's common for staff in international company
to have an English name. It makes them easier to deal
with the colleagues or clients from outside Vietnam.
So Jack is the project manager.
What is the word for "project manager" in Vietnamese?
Project in Vietnamese is "Dự án"
Manager in Vietnamese is "người quản lý"
So "project manager" is "người quản lý dự án".
Ok. So I can say "Jack là người quản lý dự án"
Jack is the project manager.
Alex is the marketing manager.
How could you say that?
Uhm. Alex là người quản lý marketing.
Yes, that's right.
You can put "marketing" with "người quản lý" to say "marketing manager".
Ok, so how many people are in the project team?
Nhóm có tám người.
The team has 8 people.
You will meet the rest of the team soon enough.
Nhóm is the new word for me.
I assume that means "team".
Yes, "nhóm" is the word for "team" in Vietnamese.
Có you already know means "to have".
And "tám người" you should recognize it means "8 people".
Ok so you said "The team has 8 people" .
I hope to see them soon then.

 Vietnamese  English
1  Lâu  For a long time
2  Lâu quá  Very long time
3  Gặp  To see
4  Không gặp  No see
5  Tôi là  My name is
6  Tôi ở  I’m in
7  Marketing  Marketing
8  Dự án  Project
9  Nhóm  Team
10  Phòng  Department
11  Làm  To work
12  Danh thiếp  Business card
13  Người quản lý  Manager
14  Người quản lý dự án  Project manager
15  Người quản lý marketing  Marketing manager
16  Đây là ... của tôi  This is…my
17  Đây là danh thiếp của tôi  This is my business card
18  Lâu quá không gặp  Long time no see
19  Tôi làm ở phòng marketing  I’m working in Marketing Department
20  Jack là người quản lý dự án  Jack is project manager
21  Alex là người quản lý maketing  Alex is the marketing manager
22  Nhóm có tám người  The team has 8 people

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