Lesson 1: Hello

My name is Cathy , from http://www.123Vietnamese.com
Welcome to lesson 1 : Hello
Hi Tony, welcome to Ha Noi.
Hi Cathy, great to see you.
Xin chào
Hi, this is how to say hello" in Vietnamese. Try "Xin chào"
Ok, "Xin chào". What exactly does it mean?
When you meet someone else, you can say "Xin chào".
Xin chào in Vietnamese means "hello" in English. It's easy.
Hello. How are you? "Bạn khỏe không?".
Bạn will mean "you". "Khỏe không" will mean "How".
Bạn khỏe không?. It will mean "How are you?".
Do you want to give it a try?
Bạn khỏe không? Is this sound ok?
Yes, very good. "Bạn khỏe không?" as well as "How are you?" is a question and it need a answer.
How are you?
I'm very good. How would I say it in Vietnamese?
Tôi rất khỏe.
Tôi means "I", "rất" means "very" and "khỏe" means "good".
It don't need putting any word to say "am' in Vietnamese.
Ok. "Tôi rất khỏe."
Yes, perfect.
If somebody want to ask "How are you", you will say "I'm very good, and you?"
In Vietnamese, You can say "Tôi rất khỏe, còn bạn?".
In this case "còn bạn" means "What's about you?" or "and you?"
Ok. Tôi rất khỏe. Còn bạn?
Tôi rất khỏe. Cảm ơn.
Cảm ơn means "Thank you"
Ah, it is easy. "Cảm ơn", is it ok?
Yes, very good.
Now, I know how to say Hello and Thank you.
So, how do I say "Good bye"?
Tạm biệt. "Tạm biệt" means "Good bye".
Tạm biệt.
Yes, that's well-done.

  Vietnamese   English
1 Bạn  You
2  Tôi  I/ me
3  Khỏe  Good
4  Xin chào  Hello
5  Rất  Very
6  Còn bạn?  And you?
7  Cảm ơn  Thank you
8  Tạm biệt  Good bye
9  Bạn khỏe không  How are you?
10  Tôi rất khỏe  I'm very good
11 Tôi rất khỏe, còn bạn?  I'm very good, and you?

Please listen and choose the correct answer:

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  1. Gee it would be nice if you went back to Chinese characters instead of Latin characters! Too hard to remember it all otherwise. Which is a shame as the grammar seems to be similar.

  2. The lesson ‘s good. But this dialogue’s not lively.More simply is only picture.The actress is Vietnamese but her name don’t use Vietnamese name.If using Vietnamese name will be attractive.

  3. I’ve a lot of Vietnamese friends but I cannot communicate with them cos their pronunciation is different from english so always pronounced wrongly and mistaken by my Vietnamese friends

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